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Dell Diagnostics Touchpad Error Code


System Board ePSA 2000-0234 ePSA:System board - HPET (d), incorrect time period. Fan(s) System Board ePSAƂ 2000-0512 ePSA:Fan - The (s) fan is running faster than expected Check for latest BIOS. Click Start. If the Error Error Code Error Message Link to Possible Fix PSA 1000-0111 PSA+ 2000-0111 (Name of Exception) exception occurred at selector XXh offset XXh. http://winhq.net/error-code/dell-diagnostics-error-code-0142.html

Press and hold the key while powering the computer on. NIC Motherboard 3B00-054B nic.mdm NIC Bus Master Test Receive frame failed. If you run a test from the Custom Test or Symptom Tree option, click the applicable tab described in the following table for more information. NIC Motherboard 3B00-0124 nic.mdm NIC Register Test Invalid interrupt count. http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19428007

Dell Error Code 2000-0333

You can also download the Dell Mobile Broadband Card Utility user's guide from support.dell.com. If the status indicates the mobile broadband card is not activated, see Activate your Mobile Broadband card for more information. BIOS Floppy Drive Motherboard 1100-0423 diskette.mdm Diskette Drive Write Test The diskette is write protected.

Parameters Allows you to customize the test by changing the test settings. Run the System Set tests in the Dell Diagnostics (see Dell Diagnostics). The service is free and can be customized for content, format, and how frequently you receive notifications. Dell Support If a problem is encountered during a test, a message appears with an error code and a description of the problem.

For more information, go to support.dell.com and search for the keyword spyware. Fail Psa V4228 Error 2000:0142 Battery Charger ePSA 2000-8135 ePSA: Charger- unable to detect charger Check for User Error Re-seat the battery and re-run the test. At the One Time Boot menu, press the arrow key to highlight Diagnostics, then press to begin PSA. http://delltags.awardspace.com/dell_diag.html Motherboard 2A00-0226 ir.mdm Slow IR loopback test IR port is not working properly.

Check the battery temperature — If the battery temperature is below 0° C (32° F), the computer will not start up. Dell Warranty Check Modem Motherboard 2D00-0130 l56xmf.mdm Mimic Test Invalid data was read from DSP register. Motherboard 4500-031D serial.mdm Internal Transmit Test Failure on Modem Control Register loopback. Disconnect the external keyboard.

Fail Psa V4228 Error 2000:0142

Scanner Problems Fill out the Diagnostics Checklist (see Diagnostics Checklist) as you complete these checks. http://www.solano.edu/technology/data/D630/trouble.htm Then restart your computer. Dell Error Code 2000-0333 Try closing all programs before you write to the CD/DVD-RW. Dell Error Code 2000-0151 Failed Motherboard 2A00-053D ir.mdm Fast IR loopback test IR port is not working properly.

Shut down the computer. http://winhq.net/error-code/dell-diagnostics-error-code-0411.html The Dell Diagnostics screen appears. NOTE: If you need technical assistance for your scanner, contact the scanner's manufacturer. Rerun the diagnostic. Dell Diagnostics Error Codes

If the problem persists, try another drive. Restart the computer, and avoid touching the keyboard or the mouse during the boot routine. See "Error Messages" — If an error message appears, see Error Messages. Check This Out ABOUT About Us Contact Us Discussion Forum Advertising Privacy Policy GET ARTICLES BY EMAIL Enter your email address to get our daily newsletter.

See the software documentation for information.Ensure that the program is installed and configured properly.Verify that the device drivers do not conflict with the program.If necessary, uninstall and then reinstall the program. Fill out the Diagnostics Checklist (see Diagnostics Checklist) as you perform the various checks. Status Error (%Xh).

Help Describes the test and may indicate requirements for running the test.

If you hear an unfamiliar scraping or grinding sound Ensure that the sound is not caused by the program that is running.Ensure that the disk or disc is inserted properly. PSA 1000-0212 / PSA+ 2000-0212 ---- CMOS failed the pattern test.2. Ensure that the printer is turned on. Data does not match the transmit frame (size=%d).

On the next start-up, the computer boots according to the devices specified in the system setup program. Motherboard 4C00-041C system.mdm Timer Functionality Test Channel 2 is not operating correctly. Run the keyboard diagnostics tests — Run the PC-AT Compatible Keyboards tests in the Dell Diagnostics (see Dell Diagnostics). this contact form Eliminate possible interference — Turn off nearby fans, fluorescent lights, or halogen lamps to check for interference.