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Deadline Error Code 211


However, if you are using absolute paths in your Maya scene file, it is possible for Deadline to swap them as well, but you must save your scene file as a Log Script Contents To Render Log: If enabled, the full script that Deadline is passing to Maya will be written to the render log. It's a .NET problem that seems to randomly occur when the user specifies a path of more than 130 characters, but it looks like Microsoft provides a hotfix for it. Integrated submission script now works on Linux and Mac. Source

Check your distribution and operating system documentation for more information on this topic. Which Maya application should I select as the render executable in the MayaCmd plugin configuration? How can I region render large VRay Scenes? Enable Local Rendering: If enabled, Deadline will render the frames locally before copying them over to the final network location. http://docs.thinkboxsoftware.com/products/deadline/5.2/User%20Manual/manual/maya.html

Renderer Returned Non Zero Error Code 1

Mental Ray Build: You can force 32 or 64 bit rendering. Settings like pool, priority, group, etc, will be the same as the export job, but there are some VRay specific job options that you can specify here. Settings like pool, priority, group, etc, will be the same as the export job, but there are some Mental Ray specific job options that you can specify as well. I have a multi-core machine, but when rendering the machine isn't using 100% of the cpu.

The second option creates a local copy of the .ma file, and uses text replacement on the file to map paths. Exception during render: Error: Cannot find procedure "getStrokeUVFromPoly" This error can occur when rendering with paint effects. Exception during render: Renderer returned non-zero error code, 211 When Maya prints this error message it usually means that Maya can't access a particular path because it either doesn't exist or Deadline Thinkbox This plugin is no longer considered experimental.

I thought this has something to do with frame range, but it looks like how many tasks it is doing at a time.....I think. This is the recommended plugin to use, but if you run into any problems, you can always try using the MayaCmd plugin. Tile Rendering: Enable tile rendering to split up a frame into multiple tiles that are rendered individually. If you are able to install and successfully run Maya & all your plugins/scripts from a network location in your studio, then Deadline will be able to support network rendering from

I'm trying to render certain frame range from maya, but Deadline is rendering the entire frame range set in the Maya render globals. Deadline 8 You'll find the Mapped Paths Setup in the list on the left. Chinese character encoded output should now be saved correctly in the logs and error reports. You can also submit a dependent assembly job to assemble the image when the main tile job completes.

Deadline, Integrated Submission Script

Path Mapping Mode: The first option uses Maya's ‘dirmap' command to map paths when the scene is loaded, which works on .ma and.mb files. navigate to these guys Allow this job to run and fail in Deadline and a more comprehensive error message should now be available. Renderer Returned Non Zero Error Code 1 Because .ma files are ascii files, Deadline can read them and swap out paths as necessary. Thinkbox Deadline Forum Please see the Fume FX for Maya help manual for more details on the above requirements.

Maya versions 2010 and later are all supported. http://winhq.net/error-code/debit-error-code.html Does the Maya plugin support multiple arbitrary sized, multi-resolution Tile Rendering for both stills or animations and automatic re-assembly, including the use of multi-channel image formats and arbitary Render Passes? (incl. Monitor no longer crashes when getting the data file of an archived job. You could also use -rnm 0 which means "render no master false" and force 1 cpu on the master (if your master is a dual cpu) so you have 1 cpu Deadline Repository

How do I configure Mental Ray Satellite to render Mental Ray for Maya jobs with Deadline? If rendering with VRay, there is an additional VRay Options section under the Maya Options: Auto Memory Limit Detection: If enabled, Deadline will automatically detect the dynamic memory limit for VRay You can also create a CustomPostSanityChecks.mel file alongside the main SubmitMayaToDeadline.mel in the [Repository]submission\Maya\Main folder. have a peek here This has been addressed in Maya 7.0.1.

VRay Export JobĀ¶ If rendering a VRay Export job, select the VRay Export Job type. Renderer Returned Non-zero Error Code Deadline This can be used in combination with concurrent tasks to get a distribution over the GPUs. Memory Buffer: Deadline subtracts this value from the system's unused memory to determine the dynamic memory limit for VRay.

If they're saved as Maya Binary (.mb) files, they can't be read, and can't have their paths swapped.

Use pools to do so. Can I render scenes that use Maya Fur? So Maya is either running out of memory, or memory is becoming corrupt. Thinkbox Software Run this command: whatIs userSetup.mel Custom Sanity CheckĀ¶ You can create a CustomSanityChecks.mel file in the [Repository]\submission\Maya folder which can be used to set defaults in the submission script before it

Deadline Job Type: Select the type of Maya job you want to submit. What can I do? Only put the master machine in Deadline. Check This Out Alpha override in output format settings is now respected.

Some of Maya's attributes are updated during the process of rendering on Deadline. Shake: Fixed error "Error in RenderArgument(): name 'scene' not defined" XSI: Fixed RegionSingleFrameBox submission error. The following options are available: Output File: The full file name of the VRay files that will be exported (padding is handled automatically by the exporter). Padding is handled automatically by the exporter.

A common suggestion is to set it to 80% of your available RAM. Launcher Improvements and Bug Fixes Added the ability to create custom Launcher menu items using scripts (like in the Monitor). Try increasing the Physical memory setting (if you have the extra RAM). Use pools to do so.

Each task is a separate batch, and if Renumber Frames is enabled, each batch will start at that frame number. Pulse Improvements and Bug Fixes Pulse no longer crashes when trying to close.